Borsa Prova di traduzione (dall'inglese)

Belleville assegna una borsa di studio a copertura totale per il laboratorio Prova di traduzione (dall'inglese) con Gaja Cenciarelli, Marco Rossari, Silvia Pareschi e Gioia Guerzoni, che si terrà in diretta streaming dal 29 settembre al 15 dicembre 2021.

Per partecipare occorre inviare:

- La traduzione in lingua italiana del brano qui riportato, tratto da Jesmyn Ward, Men We Reaped (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013):  

“What do you expect?” he said, impatient to return to work. “It’s Mississippi”.

All those eyes looked at me with such disdain. Here, a young woman with a perfectly symmetrical face and dark eyes, so beautiful it hurt to look at her. There, two boys shoulder to shoulder, each with one arm casually looped over the other’s shoulders, sandy hair, pointy jaws. My conversation with my boyfriend was short, over after he’d asked, “What do you want from me?” and I replied, “I want a hug,” and he’d said, “I have work to do,” which meant no. When I hung up the phone, I sat on the floor and hid my face in my hands. 

The man had been drunk. The police had found he’d been in several bars, and also been drinking in the casinos. He’d swerved at Ronald’s sister, run her off the road, the night before he killed my brother. He’d hit Joshua from behind and had been going so fast that he’d swerved off Scenic Drive and his car had flown across two lanes of highway to land on the beach. That night, what had caused my brother’s wreck had been a mystery. The police thought he’d simply lost control of the car, but the next day, someone called the Pass Christian police department and reported a car on the beach. The drunk driver had staggered home after he hit my brother. By the time the police tracked the car to the owner’s house, it was the next day, and the driver was no longer drunk, and everything was cold. The drunk driver was in his forties and White. My brother was nineteen and Black. The man was arrested for and ultimately convicted of leaving the scene of an accident, which was a felony. He was sentenced to five years and ordered to pay my mother $14,252.27 in restitution. The man served two years of his sentence before he was released, and he never paid my mother anything. Nerissa attended high school with his nephew, who attempted to apologize to her for his uncle. He always fucking up, she said he told her. Five fucking years, I thought. This is what my brother’s life is worth in Mississippi. Five years.

Verranno prese in esame le prime 60 candidature pervenute. Il vincitore della borsa di studio sarà annunciato entro l'8 settembre 2021.

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