Borsa Prova di traduzione (dall'inglese)

Belleville assegna una borsa di studio a copertura totale per il laboratorio Prova di traduzione (dall'inglese) con Gaja Cenciarelli, Silvia Pareschi, Marco Rossari e Gioia Guerzoni, che si terrà online dal 16 marzo al 1 giugno 2022.

Per candidarsi occorre inviare entro le ore 18.00 del 28 febbraio:

- La traduzione in lingua italiana del brano qui riportato, tratto da  Jakob Guanzon, Abundance (Graywolf Press, 2021):  

It's-a-girl pink. Too festive a color for the soap in a McDonald's men's room. Wrong color, anyway, just like it was eight years ago today. Michelle had been certain that the little boy now waiting out-side for Henry would be a girl. So certain that she'd handed Henry a pink-ribboned cigar, right before lugging herself out of the truck and onto a stretcher.

Henry's thoughts scroll through a reverse inventory, its sum a taunt. The absentee list of birthday paraphernalia—balloons and streamers, candles and cake, a pile of presents, a pack of friends, a mother—seems to etch itself into the graffitied bathroom mirror. Henry's burned a gallon of gas to drive them three towns east of the boy's elementary school to this McDonald's in particular. Not only for its PlayPlace, but because there's no bus stop out front. No keypad code to ac¬cess the bathroom. This is one of the nicer locations, even if passing squalor has left a few stains in here. Mirror all carved up with phone numbers, initials, fuck u's. Smack center, one jagged message of en¬couragement says, It gets better.

Il nome della vincitrice o del vincitore sarà annunciato  entro il 7 marzo 2022.